About Us

About Us

Welcome to Healthylicious!

At Berries ‘n Bites, "The Secret Ingredient is Fruit!" is more than just a catchphrase – it's our commitment.

We are committed to serve you healthy and delicious smoothies and mocktails that are made with 100% fruits and other Good-For-You plant based ingredients, and without any added sugar.

We believe in serving you the Good-For-You so deeply that we boost each smoothie with either Prebiotic, Antioxidant, Electrolytes, Immunity or Energy blend as standard ingredient. Checkout the specific wellness trait of each of our smoothies in the description.

Next, we spice up these healthy recipes with flavorful ingredients like, ginger, lemon juice, mint, etc. to add the tantalizing delicious to the healthy.

Our Acai, Pitaya, and other fruit bowls are meticulously prepared from real fruit and 100% natural ingredients, ensuring they're as scrumptious as they are nourishing.

Our bite-sized treats are entirely plant-based and lovingly baked to maximize their scrumptious taste.

We strive to serve you the “Healthylicious” beverages and food, so you can indulge in them without guilt!

Have a Healthylicious blast!